Monday, January 4, 2010

Right Now....

it is Monday. Again.

I really need to floss my teeth

the sunshine outside is beautiful

the laundry is going undone

I am the proud owner of a 40 ft popcorn string

my thighs touch

a crow is screeching


Annie is playing in her room

I have not had a diet coke in three days

my self esteem is in the toilet

I would really love a Xanax

that is all.

2 comments: said...

I liked reading this post.

I'm sorry you're not feeling good about yourself today. You certainly deserve to feel good.

I think it's pretty flippin' awesome that you have a 40 foot popcorn string :)

I hope you do something today that makes you feel good. You deserve that. And you deserve to realize how great of a person you are.


Jenn said...

I second that motion of trying to do something today that makes you happy - anything, whether it be a bubble bath or playing with the kids...whatever can put a smile on that beautiful face of yours and make recovery not seem so impossibly hard - like it can do easily do!!