Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ode to an electric blanket

I got an electric blanket yesterday. This thing is freaking awesome. I love it so much I wrote a poem about it.

electric blanket

Dear electric blanket
I bought you yesterday
You were so freakin' expensive
But gladly I did pay.

Yet, electric blanket
I must complain some more
That ugly baby blue
Was the last color left at the store.

But oh, my electric blanket
When I got you home
And plugged you in and heated you up
You were so soft and warm!

I need you, electric blanket
To come to my rescue, please
For my internal body temperature
Hovers at 97.5 degrees

I wish I could stay forever
With you my electric blanket
And never leave the couch
But my husband couldn't take it!

So dear electric blanket
I must leave you for a while
the housework must be done
laundry waits in a pile

But come tonight, when the kids go to bed
My dear electric friend
I'll meet you back here on the couch
To snuggle until day's end.


Lou Lou said...

i love electric blanket. love this post.
take care

Eating Alone said...

Electric blanket? I'm thinking really big heating pad. God I love south florida.

ghost girl said...

awww i used to have an electric blanket. I had forgotten about it. Happy cuddling!

Andi said...

mmmm I got one for christmas and I've been underneath it more days than not!

Keely said...

Beautiful poetry. You should submit it for publishing. he he he

Blanket America said...

Lovely shows how much you are in love with your electric blanket.Nice little poem you have shared here...with a good pinch of humor too.

cold said...

This is wonderful, and you make me want an electric blanket! what a lovely way to take care of yourself!

I Hate to Weight said...

i would NEVER leave the couch if i had a little blue electric blanket. what a perfect post. great poem.


Bill Brad said...

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