Thursday, January 14, 2010

proud mama post

Ok, I have to brag. Today Emma made me so proud, she brought tears to my eyes.

They talked about the Haiti earthquake in Emma's school yesterday and she came home very concerned about it. Last night we were snuggling in bed and she was asking me questions, so i told her what I knew about conditions over there. How they didn't have food or water in some places. To explain it in terms she would understand, I told her that many people were hurt and they didn't even have any bandaids. That all they had were the clothes on there backs.

Emma really wanted to send them clothes and bandaids. I told her I didn't know how we could do that, but I told her there were agencies like the Red Cross that could get supplies there and they needed money.

Emma decided, all by herself, that she wanted to give her allowance money. She had two weeks worth saved up for something she wanted from Claire's.

After school I took Emma down to the Red Cross with her money. when I told the lady at the desk that my daughter wantd to donate her allowance money, she was quite moved. They made such a big deal about it that I actually got a little embarrased. They took Emma's picture, and wrote her out a reciept and gave her a plastic bracelet that said "I'm a hero". The part that I really liked was when they told her that her money would provide lots of water to people who didn't have any. I put my arm around Emma and we talked about how much we have here and all of our blessings and I got a bit choked up.

I was kind of having a bad day, but witnessing Emma and her simple act of unselfishness put me back in touch with all of the good that is in my little bit of the world. Also (and totally not to brag) sometimes I worry that I'm not a good mom, that I'm not doing a good job with my girls, but I must be doing something right, because man, am I one proud mama tonight!


I Hate to Weight said...

the fiance and i are coming down with the flu, and we're both feeling crummy. i dragged myself off the couch to check out blog world, and this so made my day. what a great person your daughter is.

i'm not a parent, but i do think all good parents worry that they're actually not.

usually, it would be just those in your life that know what a great mom you are. Now, even the Red Cross KNOWS! and someone in Haiti will too

go emma!!!!

Maeve said...

That is a wonderful story! She sounds like such a thoughtful girl. You should be proud. Proud of raising someone to be that thoughtful. Proud of taking her to the Red Cross so she could see (at least a little bit) of how much people appreciate her thoughtfulness. Proud of teaching someone the values that allows them to be so considerate. Good job!!!

Cammy said...

What a wonderful person you have helped to create. You are an awesome mom, it comes through very clearly in your blog, and it's obvious that Emma is going to be an incredible person as well. Thanks for sharing this!

Telstaar said...

Oh wow! That is awesome Lisa! Seriously :) I'm so glad you wrote about that. I'm also really glad that you supported her desire to give something to help other people.

Ooooh I'm all mushy and happy in a nice way :)


Katilexis said...

wow, that is amazing! you should be so proud. :) good on you for being a great mother.
its the little moments like these that make life awesome :)

ghost girl said...

Wow this is wonderful! Really, you guys are both heros. Sounds like one of those great learning experiences that will stay with you and your daughter forever. This post made my day, too!

lisalisa said...

wow, thank guys! I was worried anyone who read this would think I was bragging. I guess I am a little bit, but mostly wanted to share this experience with you. I'm glad you enjoyed reading about it :)

Keely said...

That is so awesome! You has a good little heart. And you're a good mama.

brie said...

um. your emma is amazing. it brought tears to *my* eyes, too!

Lisa and Jim said...

You ARE doing many things right, and Emma is definitely a hero!

Alexandra Rising said...

That's beautiful. What a lovely, little daughter you have! I think you sound like a great, crafty mom who is very involved in her daughters lives.