Thursday, January 7, 2010




Eating Alone said...

What is wrong? Something must be wrong. This is not a rational thought. You need to try and get to the root of the what this is.

See I do pay attention in therapy. I just use on other's not myself.

Hang in there you can do!

lisalisa said...

you are right, something is wrong. i think I am just in a funk. thinking about getting older. All the things I have not accomplished. All my failings. That, and additional holiday weight gain has put my body image in the toilet. Feeling like i have no control over my body. Ya know.

Thanks for reminding me to look deeper :). Now, do you have a cure ;) ?

Alexandra Rising said...

Oh, love...


Kara said...

I agree with Eating Alone. I also totally commiserate with you. The holidays suck. Deeper issues are often triggered around the holidays... I'm dealing with the same thing so I will also try to heed Eating Alone's advice.

Zena said...

now bout we start a club... the "feel fat but dont act" the president but you can be VP. (((Hugs)))

love you

tania said...

hey lisaa im sorry to hear ur goin thru a hard time right now, holidays are so predictivable, Is easy to find a solution to a problem unconsiosly and go on what we're 'good' at controling, which is not very hmm.. ya know healthy or w.evs.

find deeper in you, the solution is there hun, keep your cheen up and trust me is not a matter of lbs. :)

I Hate to Weight said...

i wrote a whole comment to you a couple of days ago, but i guess it didn't post.

in a nutshell (what does that actually mean?) i got valium for my lasix surgery, and i was particularly interested in getting it. i asked for it a few times (just so they wouldn't forget). you can't imagine how nonchalantly i'd asked.

BUT i was terrified of the surgery and it would be truly miserable without the valium, much like your teeth.

without xanax, you wouldn't be able to stay in the chair, right?

anyway, i got my valium, the surgery was fine, and that was that. even though i was looking forward to the valium, after the procedure, i didn't think about it again.

maybe you can start equating dental work with xanax. the xanax might not look quite so good!