Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas! We sure are!

My day started (unfortunately) at 2:30 in the morning when Emma woke up and came into my room all excited saying "come see! Come see!". She was so excited about her gifts from santa but no way was I going to let her drag the rest of us out of bed at that hour! I made her go back to bed and told her not to get up until at least six. But by then I was wide awake and to be honest I was pretty excited myself! With that, and Emma getting up every 15 minuted to check the time, I doubt I slept more than another hour. But its all good. i'm running off pure Christmas magic (and caffiene) at this point!

I popped in my blazing fire dvd and we opened our stockings and presents. The girls were very pleased with what they got and contrary to my fears they seemed happy and nothing was missing or wanted. My most favorite present was from Emma- a handmade book all about how much she loves me and all that I do for her and how much I mean to her. It made me cry (the good kind)! I will cherish it forever.

Then I set to work on the food. The whole table and all available counter space was covered with appetizers and treats and candies and goodies of all kinds! And that's not even the dinner! I think I went a little overboard and made food for about 40 people. Our friends Jasmine and Thomas and their little ones came over and we snacked and I cooked and we ate and talked and the kids played and we had a wonderful time. And I was very brave and tried the fois gras (sp) that they brought; I must say it was the scariest food imaginable for someone with an ED. It was pretty much pure fat. I was very honored though that they shared it with us, because they got it all the way from France and it is a delicacy to them. Jasmine and Thomas are French and just moved here in Oct. I met her at playpals and we have become quite good friends. I was so glad they could come share Christmas with us!

Well chris took Annie sledding just now and Emma is playing the Wii. I have finished the dishes and am just enjoying some time on the couch. It has been a wonderful day and I must say that my heart is full of joy and love. I hope everyone out there is as blessed as I feel today!

Merry Christmas!

2 comments: said...

Sounds like a beautiful day spent with beautiful people.

Merry Christmas, Lisa!

Cammy said...

Sounds like you made an awesome Christmas for your family, they are so lucky to have you. I'm glad you got to enjoy it with your loved ones, so glad it was a good day!