Wednesday, March 10, 2010

another day in this girl's life


I think I have writer's block. Either that, or I am running out of things to say. Original thoughts on life, recovery, or anything important. Stuff like that. I go back and read my early blog entries and they just seem more interesting.

Hmmm, for lack of better subject material, I think I will just share the highlights of my day.

So far today I ....

1. Fed my children Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks for breakfast. I am not participating in the "War on Obesity".
2. Took Emma's snowpants and boots to her school this morning, as she left them behind.
3. Went to therapy. Third session this week. It was pretty good.
4. Tried (and failed) to find a "free panty" at Victoria's Secret in size medium. Actually, I did eventually find an ugly gray pair, but Annie started jumping up and down and telling me she had to go potty "real bad" so I just threw the panties back on the display and hurried off. Was too tired to come back and buy them.
5. Had several million Diet Cokes.
6. Took my kids to the library where, as usual, I got waaay to many books. Like, so many that I couldn't carry the bookbag. Emma took one handle and I took the other.
7. Struggled with BAD body image all day. I feel like something that should be shot and made into salami.
8. Started reading a good book.
9. Made a lovely chicken dinner for my family.
10. Went to Hy-Vee to pick up my prescriptions. Coached myself verbally (out loud) to go to the door marked PHARMACY and not the door marked LIQUOR. Was successful, but appeared crazy talking to myself in the parking lot.
11. Made several impulse buys of Easter candy (cadburry mini eggs, Brachs jelly beans, tootsie pops for Chris).
12. Came home and put on my pajamas.

I know, I know, thrilling. But wait, there's more!

I am off to put Annie to bed and give myself an enema (totally necessarry).
Then I will eat candy and read while Emma watches E.T..

That's all, folks.


Phantasmagorical Delusion said...

Heh...I love this post. My brain is not working well at the moment and so therefore I have nothing of any interest or wit to say, but I did want you to know that you made me smile, even if you think your day was boring. Not even close.

I would have eaten those Cadbury eggs right there in the parking lot, and THEN gone to the liquor store. yeah. Fail. So go you!

Stay lovely...keep writing (even with the block). It's doing us all good!


Keely said...

I think it's interesting. :) I always think of you when I see Brach's jellybeans... :) My day wasn't too exciting. I slept and slept and woke up to do my homework really quick before 4:30 class. Now I'm studying (well not RIGHT now but...) for a test tomorrow. ooh.... said...

I loved this post too! Also, go you for doing all of that while having a bad body image day! You were more "alive" and productive than I ever am! You did so many things that day!

Lou Lou said...

i know i blog under loulou
and i have a fake email called amanda brunning
but my name is actually emma. i always wanted to tell you haha!
emma louise.
sometimes known as emmie loulou

lisalisa said...

loulou- My daughter's name is Emma Louise as well!!!!!

i love bows:) said...

haha chick, half my blog is random 'i dont know what to write' posts like this, and they always turn out more interesting than you think!

vics x

Katilexis said...

hey lisa, i hope you're okay.
this was a really nice post and i loved it but i really hope you're okay.

i'm having trouble with alcohol too lol :P
go us.

p.s. i'm on www.methroughtheglass.wordpress.comnow.

Amber Rochelle said...

Fruit loops and apple jacks TOTALLY rock...just sayin!