Thursday, March 25, 2010

not another Dr's appointment summary!

yes, yes, I'm afraid it is.

So, I saw Dr. Sean today and here is the down low:

I broke the news to him about my upcoming psychiatric consult and he took it well. We talked about my worsening depression and anxiety and my meds and stuff and he told me some options that he would reccommend. He even have me an official-looking printout to take to my psych appointment.

His reccomendations were:

1. Vitamin B12 injections weekly for 4 weeks then monthly

2. Switching from oral to injectable Risperdal

3. Replacing the Risperdal with Invega

4. Replacing the Risperdal with Geodon

then there is a fifth option that I put on the table....

5. Go off all my meds since they are not freaking helping anyway, lose my freaking mind, be refined in the fires of insanity, and come out the other side unscathed and hopefully cured.

He did not indorse this one.

I did decide to start the vitamin B injection right away. I mean, there are no side effects, so how could it hurt? He gave me the B12 for free cause my insurance wouldn't cover it. Free stuff is cool.

I go back in a week to see how I am doing with the B12 and things in general.

That's about it.


malpaz said...

good luck with your appointments. im sorry i have no other advice but i hope it works out. i eat a crapload of b12 and i know you will get energy from it! i was on a pill one time for about...a month... and i have never touched medicine since so my advice would be #5, but i dont know your whole situation so it may not be good advice

I Hate to Weight said...

it's so important that you're gathering information AND being very clear and honest about what's going on with you.

i pray you begin to feel better.

i pray there is something that brings you peace and comfort.

and by the way, please stay away from the #5 option. does not sound promising!

take good care, melissa

Eating Alone said...

Good luck. B12 is great and will help to calm you down a little.

Lou Lou said...

hi lisa! I am so glad your getting some new answers, and I just wanted to send you light and serenity. follow your bliss lisa, and I am just here and thinking of you sending out goodness.

dietcolagirl said...

lol @ your suggestion. Hey it was worth a shot :) said...

ALso LOL at your option 5. Funny how these "professionals" never endorse things like that, huh? :)

I am really hoping for you, for this B12, for a good psychiatric consult, etc.

Also, thank you for your opinion about trusting the professionals. I appreciate your input, and hearing you say that did make it a bit more likely that I would listen.