Sunday, March 14, 2010

pics from the Botanical Center

Here are a few pictures to go with my last post about our morning at the botanical center.
Above is a beautiful flower- I cant' remember what it is called. Bet Cammy knows :).
Here are the girls doing a coloring activity on the balcony.

Here's us!

Ok so this picture is sideways. Deal with it.


There were some pretty big fish in there.

Some beautiful orchids.

These trunks/roots/whatever are all from one tree.

More orchids.

Emma and an orchid.


The girls, right when we first got there.
This is a great place to visit when you are just about sick of the cold, gray Iowa winter. We really had a nice time.
Hope everybody is having a nice Sunday!


bananas said...

Very nice! It's like you got to take a little tropical vacation! Your girls are so pretty. Emma looks so much like you. Loved the picture post -- take care!!

Sairs said...

I really love your photos! It looks like you all had some fun :-)

Alexandra Rising said...

Beautiful! So much fun!
And I agree with Bananas, your girls are so cute!

Cammy said...

The only things more beautiful than those flowers are your girls! So glad you all had a nice outing! I'll offer my services as a guide if you try for the zoo again. ;)

PS I'm a bit stumped on that mystery flower, plants aren't my strong looks almost like a kind of hanging lily...but now I'm intrigued and I'm determined to find out for you!

Eating Alone said...

Really nice pics. You guy's look like you had a lot of fun. said...

Yoou have such an adorable family. Your girls are so lucky that you take them places. This is how kids expand vocabulary and, because of it, become better readers and more efficient learners. Seriously.

Keely said...

Yay! I loved those pictures! and those flowers are awesome. I wish we had something cool like that in Utah. :)

brie said...

pretty, pretty girls. :)

Amber Rochelle said...

Very cool place! And what a lovely family you have. Hope you have a good week.