Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All around the house

Time to bore you with Christmas pictures. Here are the candy cane cookies and the gingerbread I made. The gingerbread turned out tasting strongly of molasses and the girls didn't like it. i thought it was ok but not my favorite.
These are some cinnamon ornaments I made. They smell so good!

Here is our lovely tree. We can't have a real one in out apartment, but this artificial one is ok.

This is the nativity set we had when i was a kid. My mom gave it to me. The girls love to set it up.

Some peppermint sticks and some tin candleholders that are kind of hard to see in this picture.

My friend Linda gave me this fiber-optic gingerbread house. It changes colors as it glows.

Just a few Christmas things.

Kind of a goofy snowman my mom gave me.
A few more Christmas things and pics of my girls. Aren't they cute?

And the stockings. I made them all except mine, the one on the left.

Ok, ok, I'm done for now.


now.is.now said...

I WANT TO LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE!!! That looks so lovely! I want to feel holiday-ish this year. I feel like I have lived without even noticing the holidays pass ever sine going to college - I have always gotten so wrapped up in school or work. This year, I don't think that'll be the case. I'm going to try to notice the Holidays more. What a lovely house you have!

Alexandra Rising said...

Ahhh so festive and happy :)

brie said...

wow, L, i'm so impressed with you! there's NO WAY i could've baked what you did - your house looks beautiful and full of joy, too. :)


I Hate to Weight said...

your daughters are very, very, very cute. you're an amazing woman to take such excellent care of your children while you are struggling so.

your home is so warm and welcoming. hope you feel that warmth in your bones.

take really good, special care of yourself.