Sunday, November 8, 2009

looking up

Today was the best day I have had in a really long time! Actually, yesterday was pretty good, too. The increased dose of methylphenadate has really helped- I feel great and don't have that huge crash in the afternoon.
I went to church this morning and can i just say I LOVE my new church! I really feel like I am being nourished spiritually every time I go. I leave feeling strengthened and invigorated. I used to dread sundays; now they are my favorite day of the week.
After church I went to Barnes&Noble and got the book "Goodbye Ed, Hello Me". It's by the same lady who wrote "Life Without Ed". I am super excited to read it.
Chris and I finished a project we were working on for my mom. Yesterday when we were at the lake I found a piece of driftwood that had been beaver chewed on both ends. I got the idea to stain it and drill some hooks into it and give it to my mom to hang as a coat holder or whatever. My mom really likes beaver chewed wood for some reason and collects it at her cabin. Anyway, Chris helped me drill in the hooks and we finished it today. It turned out really nice and I am super excited to give it to my mom.
Well, that's about it for today. I hope the methylP keeps working because finally i feel happy :)


Katie said...

i remember when my anti-depressants starting working and i felt the happiest i'd ever been in my life!
unfortunately that's gone now ;|

hope your happiness continues :)

Cammy said...

I recently read Schafer's new book (I was a big fan of the first one), and loved it. I think one of my personal roadblocks is not being able to envision what recovered life is like, and the book really gives hope for making that possible.

I'm glad you found a new church that makes you feel welcome and fulfilled, they are lucky to have you in their community.

I'm glad I read this post in the morning because it made my day already, so glad things are looking up!

Keely said...

I smiled when I read about the beaver chewed wood. :) I love it! You are so create and thoughtful. said...

That sounds like a wonderful gift to your mom!

I loved Life Without Ed, but I really was annoyed by Goodbye Ed, Hello Me. I thought everything she wrote was obvious. I don't know why I was so annoyed when reading it, but I was. Maybe it's the stage I'm in now vs. the stage I was in when I read Life Without Ed? Who knows. Either way, I hope you enjoy it, though! Let me know what you think.

oh, and, yes, I did know Nov. was National PB month! :)