Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ok, new plan

Still going to go the hard route in therapy, working on the deep issues and stuff.


NOT going off my meds, or even cutting back, for now. Today was just a really bad experience and reminded me why I take all these meds in the first place! I was a crazy, unstable ball of emotions, anxiety, inappropriate anger, ect. It was like being on a rollercoaster ride from hell!

The first realization that I came to was that this would be the worst possible time of the year to cut back on meds. I mean, the Xmas season is stressful for everyone, right? And I want to have a really, REALLY nice Xmas. It is my favorite time of the year. And not just for me, but I think my children deserve to have nice memories of fun christmas times, not mom bawling in the corner. So, maybe after christmas, and when I am a little ffurther along in therapy, i might try again to get off some meds. but not now.

That brings up another thing that I thought about today, that Now also touched on. If i am doing really hard work in therapy, I might need the meds to keep me from totally flipping out when things get rough. Maybe going off the meds and doing tough therapy at the same time is too much to bite off.

I'm going to talk to the doctor on friday about some of my experiences I had today on the low dose. I'm kind of wondering if there isn't something else wrong with me besides depression and anxiety.

ok, thats it.


now.is.now said...

YAy, reasonableness. This sounds good. Good, good, good.

Jessica said...

Medication can be helpful and it makes you stronger until you can be strong enough yourself. good thinking

Alexandra Rising said...

I feel like meds can be the base you need for getting better. They help stabilize you and make it easier for the therapist to help you help yourself.

Whatever happens, I wish you all the best. After glancing at the pictures on your blog again, I must say how beautiful you are!

Eating Alone said...

This sounds like a good, reasonable plan. You can get off them sometime but let the doc's do it for you in the right way. That way you will not have these crashes.

And yep the holidays are super stressfull for everyone.