Thursday, March 26, 2009

i miss...

i miss my friend Keely.
i miss temple square.
i miss my quirky sugarhouse neighborhood.
i miss memory grove park.
i miss hogle zoo. we had passes and used to go there all the time. Annie would have loved it!
i miss liberty park, and the wading fountains there. Another place Annie would have loved.
i miss wheeler farm in the spring.
i miss trolley square mall.
i miss the sanders.
i miss living in a bigger city.
i miss seeing the mountains.
i miss having an md who actually knew about eating disorders.
i miss the tea grotto.
i miss the seagulls. And the magpies.
i miss all the flowering fruit trees.
i miss our old ward.
i miss gardner village in the fall.
i miss the sales at smith's and albertson's.
i miss our friends.

i didnt appreciate these things when they were all around me.

1 comment:

Keely said...

I miss you too. (hug)