Monday, March 9, 2009


Ok, so we were just sitting around, enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon at home, when Annie( my 2 year old) decided to take a swandive off of her rocking chair right into the corner of the entertainment center. She hit it head first with a sickening "crack" noise then started screaming at the top of her lungs. I got to her, but as soon as i saw the blood i knew that i couldn't look so Chris had to pick her up and survey the damage while i composed myself ( i tend to freak out when one of my kids gets hurt). I was imagining that her eye was out of the socket or her teeth were missing or her face was somehow rearranged to look like Sloth from the Goonies, but Chris showed me it was just a cut on her forhead that, while deep, was rather small. Still, we had to take her to the urgent care clinic for- you guessed it- stitches. This was not nearly as traumatic as i thought it would be. First, they wrapped her up in a blanket so she couldn't move. i told Annie they were going to wrap her up "like a baby", and she seemed to accept this just fine. The doc said most kids go ballistic. Then, the doc gave her a shot of novacaine near the cut to numb the site for the stitches. Poor little Annie was so brave! She whimperd a little, and looked at me and Chris for reassurance, but she didn't cry! Then the doctor gave her 4 stitches, and she didnt cry or squirm or anything! Her little eyes were full of concern, but we just kept praising her and telling her that everything was ok and how good she was doing, and then it was all over. The doctor and nurses were amazed! When it was over, Annie was actually smilling in the mirror at her cartoon character bandaids! I think the whole thing was harder on Chris and i than it was on her! She is so amazingly cute and wonderful!
I kept being paranoid that the doctor was ggoing to call a social worker or something, because when Annie hit the edge of the entertainment center she also hit my wrought iron plant stand so she had these other marks on her face and in general looked all beat up. She still looks pretty rough today. But they didn't say anything about it.
I just ggot back from my doctor appointment where i had my potassium rechecked, so i am waiting to hear if it is still low. If it is low, the doctor is going to give me some supplements.
We found an apartment in Ames on friday. We are not moving until aug, but since it is a college town you have to get them early. Oh, yes, and it is smaller than our place now but costs about $130 more a month. Yay for that. After spending the day driving aroun Ames, i am no longer psyched to be moving there. It looks like just another craphole to me. A craphole where i wont know anyone and dont have a treatment team or any friends or family and no ywca what the hell am i going to do!? Well i guess i will have to figure somthing out. I am just being negative right now; i'm sure it isn't that bad.

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Kara said...

Sounds like your daughter was a champ!

Moving is always hard, especially when it involves finding a new treatment team. Switching therapists is really hard for me. Secretly (or not so secretly) I want you to switch therapists though. I know you like Corey and he helps you a lot, which is good. But I think his ideas about exercise and eating aren't kosher for Ed patients.