Monday, March 16, 2009

quick post

I am just wainting for chris to get back from Avis with the rental car and then we are outta here! We are going on a road trip to the upper penninsula of Michigan- Chri wants to see the macinaw bridge. It's the largest or second largest suspension bridge in north america- whoopie- i know. But chris learned about it iin one of his engineering classes and now he really wnts to see it. Yes, he is a nerd, but he is my nerd and i love him! Anyways, i am glad to just be going anywhere, and i still get ridiculously excited about staying in hotels, so i am psyched. On the downside, i have a nasty sinus thing going on so i am not sleeping and either hopped up or doped up on decongestents, it depends what time of the day it is. But i am determined to make the best of it. I found some airborne that had expired in 07 but i took it anyway and it tastted ok and still fizzed and everthing.
Oh, something really awful happened the other day. We were storing a suitcase in my inlaws garage, but it is this old farm garage that is leaky and stuff, so the suitcase has been leaked on and molding for the last 2 years and we finally decided to throw it out. We thought it was empty, but when we looked inside we discovered that my wedding dress was in there! i thought it had been hanging in his parents closet this whole time! Of course, it is completely ruined- moldy and rotting! I didnt think i was so sentimental but i cried and cried and cried. I didnr have a very big or spectacular wedding, and the dress is all i had to remember it. But, as my mom poined out, i have chris which is most important. But i started getting all symbolic and melodramatic and blubbering about how the dress was ruined just like me; when we were married everything was so perfect but i have made so many mistakes and screwed up so bad and was ruined just like the dress. Chris said no this was not true. He was feeling really bad about the dress, though- he actually cried! I guess i will think more about what to do whith it after the trip. Right now im just relieved that its gone so i dont have to look at it. Plus it stank up the apartment! Ugh! Well, i better go. Happy spring break!

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Kara said...

That is sooooooo sad about your wedding dress. Your mom is right, you do have Chris as a symbol (more than a symbol) of your wedding. And you absolutely are NOT ruined like your wedding dress. Try to listen to Chris and believe him (and me, and others that tell you) when he says that you aren't ruined.

PS - I LOVE going to hotels too!!!!!!!!!!!