Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For Kendall and Baby Jolley

I sent two white balloons up today, one for Brie's little girl, and one for my baby that I lost at 11 weeks.
It's strange, or maybe not so strange, but I did not feel sad. I felt a sense of joy as I let those balloons fly. I felt free and light. I know those little souls are in a place of joy and love, looking down on us and waiting for the day we will all be together.


Zena said...

Brie's started a revolution...may we all feel some peace knowing our white ballons are on there way to heaven to meet our loved ones!

Anonymous said...

aww that is so sweet. I love that pic of you and your little girl standing there before letting the balloons go. I'm glad to hear you feel at peace.

Thanks for all your encouragement/kind words on my blog :)

brie said...

i know i already commented on fb, but i wanted to stop by again to thank you and your sweet daughter for remembering me and baby kendall on that day. you are da best. xox