Wednesday, April 14, 2010

over a fence

I was suprised and happy to learn yesterday that my dad bonded out of jail. I guess the felony escape charge from iowa didnt come up on the computer, so it looked to them that he hadn't been in trouble before, and of course he didn't say anything. So my dad is back home and he told me that they even left him one full pipe so he could smoke when he got there. He has a lawyer and is hopeful to get probation, but I am under no illusions that he could complete probation successfully. I mean, they do drug tests, and he would have to get a job (gasp) and stuff like that. Well i am going to try not to worry and just be glad that for now he is out.

His bust made the evening news and I guess he had like 15 minutes of fame while he was in jail. the other prisoners were whispering about him and asking "is that the guy? Is that him?" and they were giving him high fives and stuff. I guess he got a nickname in jail- "old school"- that's what they were calling him. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to glorify what my dad did or make light of the situation. It's just that sometimes I think my dad is funny, is all. Do you think I should start calling him "Old School"?

It turns out his neighbor Dave turned him in. My dad built a privacy fence that obstructed Dave's view (they all like to sit on the front porch and watch the goins' on down south) and this pissed Dave off. He started hinting to my dad that if he didn't take down the fence, he was going to narc him off. My Dad was worried about it, but didn't really think Dave would do it, especially since Dave sold pot for my dad sometimes. Well, my Dad is really mad now and he told me last night that now he is going to extend the fence all the way to the street just to show him and mess up his view even more! Seriously, these are grown men.

IOP was ok. Not great, just ok. If nothing else, I will get to see the psychiatrist on friday and hopefully get some input on my meds. There are only 3 of us in IOP. Maybe i will write a little more about it later.

The weather here is so nice. I stopped at the store today and got some more sidewalk chalk and bubbles and some little plastic boats for Annie to play with in her bucket o' water. So we are sitting outside again and enjoying ourselves. I actually feel pretty decent right at this moment.

I know I have been behind and inconsistent on commenting on people's blogs, and I am sorry about that. I have been reading every single blog but sometimes that is all I can do and I cant think of anything to say. But I know alot of people are struggling right now and i am thinking of you all even if I didnt comment. I will try to do better, the last few days have been crazy. Thank you all for the support and love you have shown me, it is the best therapy ever!


Keely said...

Yay! I am so glad he's out on bail. That must be such a relief. (hug) I hope IOP goes okay. Maybe it will get better the more you go.(hug) Have fun with annie. It sounds like you guys will have tons of fun outside! :)

Lost in Obsession said...

ditto goes for reading yours. :( I feel very close to you, even tho we don't talk.

Zena said...

Yeah...for bail, yeah for sidewalk chalk and bubbles and boats and ...just being...just being Lisa is good enough!

I will say it just one more time in case you didnt catch it...BEING LISA IS GOOD ENOUGH!!!

much love my dear, much love

Angela E. Gambrel Lackey said...

I'm glad he bonded out of jail. Personally, I think we are way too hysterical about the whole issue of marijuana (that's just my opinion; I tried a couple times, it didn't do much for me and never have had it again. But if someone smokes it in their own home, it really isn't my business nor do I really care unless they get behind the wheel of car while doing it.)

I would call him "Old School," I think that's hilarious! And pot is old school. I think using humor to get through a tough situation is great.

You have been so supportive to me and others; you have nothing to apologize for! You have been through a lot lately; taking care of you, your children and your husband also takes a lot. Please be kind with yourself.