Sunday, April 19, 2009

$20 bill

I decided to fight my antisocial tendencies and go to the relief society symposium yesterday and i was glad that i did. I am usually nervous to be around alot of women, but it wasnt that bad. Relief Society is the women's organization in our church. Once a year they have a symposium; it's basically a conference with workshops all day and a lunch. I went with my sister in law and we just went for the morning. i went to a cool cooking class, and then a class about BLOGGING. I learned all kinds of cool things there that i could do with my blog, but now that i am home i cant remember any of it. Guess i should have taken notes.
On a more spititual note, i heard a member of the stake presidency speak there, and he said something that really touched me. He held up a $20 bill and stated that this piece of paper had inherent value. Then he crumpled it up a little and said that even though it was all crumpled up, it still had the same value. He went on to say thet he could step on the bill, or get it dirty, whatever, but that $20 bill would always have the same worth, and thats what we were like. Like that bill, we could go through trials, and be stained with the sins and mistakes of this world, but to our Heavenly Father, we would always have the same value, beacause we were His sons and daughters. That meant alot to me, because i make alot of mistakes, and continue to make them. Sometimes i view myself with such loathing, that its hard to imagine that anyone would find value in the person that i am. But God does. That makes me happy:)


Kara said...

Thanks for sharing that analogy about the $20 bill. I really needed to hear that.

Good for you for going to the symposium! I didn't go to church today because of anxiety. Bad girl. Sigh.

meghan said...

I am glad you decided to go to the symposium. it was fun chatting with you!

Keely said...

I value you no matter what. (hug)