Thursday, April 23, 2009

oh holy crap

oh holy crap i'm not sure i can do this I have been trying to eat "real" food with my family tonight is day 2 last night went ok but for some reason tonight i am freaking out really really really want to purge!!!!!And all we had was a damned chef salad and some hummus i dont know what the deal is why i feel so full and FAT.......Ok ok i can do this i am NOT throwing up but this SUUUUCKS!! fortunately i have therapy at an unusually late hour today and am just about to leave for it so i can proccess it then i will be ok by the time i get home this feeling shall pass ok just breath you can do this


Kara said...

You are probably at therapy right now - I hope you were able to make it there without purging.

I'm glad you took the step to talk to this lady at the Y about your eating. That's a great step! I don't want to put a damper on what a great step this is, but I would ask for her credentials before taking any nutrition advice from her.


Zena said...

you can do this Lisa...we are all rooting for you...hope T goes well...come back and tell us how it went..K

Love, Z

lisalisa said...

i made it! No purging! I think i need to stop drinking huge mugs of soda w/meals, it just makes the fullness worse. I really think that was it cause i have peed like a gazillion times since dinner ( i know TMI). Kara- dabbie is for sure not a nutritionist or dietician; i'm not sure what her degree is in. This is more of a casual step cause im nott sure im ready to commit to full on meal planning with a real dietician. Also, i have insurance issues. So im just going to see if this will help; i guess i'm looking for more support than anything. Does that make sense.
guys, thanks for letting me vent tonight. It really kept me sane until my T appt. Hugs

Kara said...

Lisa - I'm glad you clarified to me that you are looking for a baby step with this lady from the Y. I think that GREAT! I didn't mean to put a damper on things. I just didn't want some lady at the gym giving you way-out-there nutritional advice. I"m just worried for you, you know?

Great job about opening up to her though! Hopefully this will be a good first step for you. Props! :)

Kara said...

PS - Congratulations on the no purging, way to go!

lisalisa said...

kara, i just wanted to tell you that i dont at all feel like you were trying to put a damper on things- you are a great friend and i always value your advice! Thanks for being there :)