Friday, April 17, 2009

iced perro!

Well its friday and i made it through another week! Yay! I'm feeling kind of discouraged on the ED front- after five days of no behaviors i had 2 days of bingeing and purging followed by 2 more good days, and then this morning i b/p again. I guess i should just be happy for the success that i have had, but i wish i could be more consistant. I want LASTING recovery, where i dont binge or purge anymore at all. Maybe i am just getting ahead of myself. I am glad that there has been some improvement, and even though it hasnt quite been 2 weeks yet since i started my contract, i think its safe to say that i dont have to look for inpatient treatment. This makes me VERY happy.
I'm still workinng on acceoting my body. I know that eventually i will have ti gain weight if i want a shot at long term recovry. I just don't know- if i can't accept my body right now, how will i accept it at a higher weight?
My life is kind of borring right now. I went to my moms cabin yesterday to spend some time with her. She had some friends there, and i kind of felt like a third wheel. Story of my life.
Oh! How could i have forgotten- I have a new passion (besides diet orange sunkist)! It's iced Perro (or Postum)! I can't drink coffee cause i'm LDS, but i used to drink alot before i joined the church. And i LOVED iced coffee drinks! Well, there is this stuff called perro, it's this fake coffee drink thats ok for mormons. I make a really strong cup (cause the ice will water it down) add ice, and hazelnut flavored splenda and some milk. It's so good! My only complaint is that it doesnt have caffiene. But thats ok i guess, i really dont need the caffiene. Well i hhope everyone has beautiful weather like we do here. Love, all :)


Just Be Real said...

Safe Hugs if okay

Kara said...

Fake coffee???? Tell me more!!!!!!!!! I joined the church when I was 18 and I loooooove coffee but I've never heard of this postum/perro stuff. Do you think I can buy it in DC or only in Utah?

Kara said...

PS - Even though it's hard to remember, recovery isn't one continual "up", it's ups and downs. It's a process. You are doing great!

lisalisa said...

Kara- there are 2 brands that i know of: Perro and Postum (but stay away from coffee flavor postun, it has coffee in it). They are made out of either barley or chicory or a combination of bolth. They don't taste exactly like coffe, but it's a good fix if you have no alternative. They sell it in the supermarket near the coffee. You make it like instant coffee; just mix it with hot water, so you don't need a coffee maker. Lately, i cant find it in the stores where they usually had it and i had to go to this health foods store to get it. You know, th one that i hit with my car. But i bet you can find it in dc. I bet you would like it, if you used to like coffee. And- thanks for the encouragement. Today was better. and JBR- thannks for the hugs! They are always appreciated!

Kara said...

Lisa, thanks for the info about the fake coffee. I'm going to go to Whole Foods and see if they have it.