Friday, April 24, 2009

beautiful day update

Well, it's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, and i made it through yesterday without purging! So if I make it through today, that would be 3 days in a row with no purging. Or, as my husband said to me this afternoon, WHEN I make it through today! Isn't he great; I just love him.

I was reading some of my very first blog entries the other day, and it struck me that none of them were about eating disorder stuff, not really. Of course, i started this blog before I relapsed, but it seems that once upon a time i had other things to share with the world besides my anxieties over weight/shape/food. Sad, it's only been a few months, but I can barely remember what that was like. So here, i'm gonna share some random non-ED related stuff:

My 2 year old, Annie, has this "dr cockroach" toy from mcdonalds, from the movie "Monsters vs Aliens". Anyways, this thing is hideous, i mean really ugly, and hard plastic to boot, but she insists on sleeping with it every night. Every time i put her to bed she says "where's my docta' cockroach". Did i mention that she has a new york accent? It's the cutest thing, but weird, since we live in Iowa!
Emma, my 7 year old, is getting really excited for when we move to Ames, because we have promised to get a cat. I am kind of excited, too. Of course, we will get one from the humane society. I am partial to tabby cats. We may even get 2; i haven't talked it over with chris yet. But can you believe, there is "pet rent"! What a bunch of crap! It's only like 20 or 30 dollars, but still! Like a cat can get a job to pay it's share.......
I seem to spend most of my time these days buying things and returning them. Kids clothes, mostly. I always think something will fit my kids, then i get it home and it doesn't, then i have to exchange it. Pain in the a**!
I dressed up for earth day on wed, kind of. I wore this shirt i got from victorias secret that says " save water" on the top and on the bottom says "share a shower". Only, i was a little worried that people might think i was being obscene. I'm kind of paranoid about stuff like that, especially since i was with my kids most of the day. I mean, i wasn't sure it was an appropriate "mommy" shirt. So i ended up tying a really styling knot in the shirt which made the bottom hard to read, so all you could really read was the part about saving water.
And i felt freaking cool all day.
Well, that is about all that is going on in my terribly exciting life. Love to all :)


Zena said...

yes it s a beautiful day here as well!!!

yeah for the sunshine

love, Z

Zena said...

I didnt get to read your whole post the first time i posted but whoo hoo on three days and a big yehaw from something other then ED to talk about...those are the best days!!!

Love, Z