Tuesday, April 7, 2009


ok, so i was tagged by my friend Kara to disclose my age (this is hard because i'm sooo old) and list a corresponding number of things that i want to do this year. First of all, may I say that i feel very special to be tagged. But now I am wondering what to put and feeling a little overwehlmed. So, bear in mind that this is a list of things i would like to do, in a perfect world. They might not all get done this year. And, I will try to not make it all ED related, but some of it might be, because i have alot of goals in that area. So, here goes....oh, yeah I'm 30, so her'es 30 things...

1. Move to Ames. Easy, this is already a done deal.

2. Get a cat.

3. Make at least one good friend in Ames.

4. Be able to run 3 miles without walking.

5. Learn to make caramels. I can make really good toffee!

6. Get an eyebrow lift (like i will ever have the money for this, plus i know it is shallow).

7. Pick up a new hobby, preferably something artsy or crafty.

8. Keep a collage journal.

9. Learn to accept my body at a healthy weight :)

10. Stop purging !

11. Reach VIP status on my Victoria's Secret Angel's Card. I'm only like $20 away....

12. Tell my dad how it makes me feel when he goes on and on and on about religion :(

13. Try the indian resteraunt in Ames.

14. Get back in touch with my friend Ruthann.

15. Read the Twilight books.

16. Stop biting my fingernails. Yeah- like that will ever happen....

17. Have more patience.

18. Go in regular dates with my husband, like twice a month.

19. Find a good therapist in Ames.

20. Get down to 2 meds, if I can. I think that is a reasonable goal!

21. Start taking vitamins.

22. Learn to post pictures on my blog!

23. Stop being afraid of Zlatko (Emma's dad).

24. Budget and put aside $20 a week, starting now!

25. Finish reading the "Little House" books to Emma.

26. Learn to appreciate the moment.

27. Serve others, more than i currently do.

29. Do LOTS of camping this summer!

30. Be there for my mom, in whatever capacity she needs me to be there, as she deals with her cancer.

There, i did it! That took alot of thinking, but i think it is a manageable list. I dont have alot of readers, so i think i will just tag Keely. Did i do that right? Is that how you tag someone? Well, Keely, consider yourself tagged! I would tag my friend Sylvia, but she doesnt have a blog (but she SHOULD). But i guess anyone else reading this could do a list if they wanted :).....


Zena said...

You are so cute..and NOT old!!! i am soon to be thirty and if you are old..that means ummm I am old...and to think of that would ummm suckys. Great list...you did a great job!!!

Love, Z

Kara said...

This is a great list! You absolutely HAVE to read the Twilight books - they are amazingly addictive. Good, fast reads.

I just read your previous post (sorry it's taken me so long) and I think that your contract is a great idea. I have a contract with my therapist but it doesn't have any consequences so I don't really stick to it that well.

I'm praying for you!