Sunday, August 16, 2009


ok, so, first appointment with brand new therapist is this wednesday. I'm hopeful and I guess a little bit excited. I haven't had any therapy for almost 2 months now. I think I really could use a good therapist right now.

So here is my dilemma. In order to treat me, I really think that my T needs to know my history, where ive been, what has worked, what hasn't, ect. I need to share some sort of a psych history with her. But how do I condense 18 years of therapy, 21 hospitalizations, an ed that had evolved over time with ever changing symptoms and consequences. How do I explain it all, paint an accurate picture, without taking the next 5 sessions?

Things i have considered:

1. a simple timeline outlining major events, hospitalizations, relapses, ect.

2. an essay-style narrative (but that could get lengthy)

3. ?

Ok, so I have really come up with only 2 ideas so far. I am leaning toward option number one. But I thought I would throw this out there for suggestions. So if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them :)

6 comments: said...

I think option # 1 sounds good and she can ask specific questions or you can "elaborate" with bullet points under certain events where you want. Or you could include a little side category about things you've already learned in therapy (triggers? underlying issues? causes? things that help? regular chalenges you encounter?)

I think it's awesome that you're figuring out how to get the best use out of this therapy though!

Anonymous said...

i agree - i think option one is good. she will ask if she wants or needs more info.

also - consider giving her a copy that way she has it if you don't end up getting all the way through it in your first session - that way she can review it and ask questions next time you see her.

my last thought - is there any way that you can sign a release so that she can talk to your old T? i did that when i had to switch RDs and it made the whole thing a lot smoother.

good luck! glad you have an appointment - i hope it goes well!

PTC said...

Option 1.

Good luck. I hope you like her.

Zena said...

I have to echo the choir...OPTION ONE!!! I am really glad you are thinking about this ahead of time it shows you being really proactive in you recovery...and that my dear IS AWESOME...I also agree with the idea of signing a release so that she can talk to your old T...sometimes Ts have a way of condesing what we cant and expressing it in a way that is more helpful then just a timeline, like she/he could tell them what way of therapy works best for you...what triggers you etc. I am really proud of you for taking this step!! and be sure to let us all know how it goes...and if you are anxious about it...share that helps to talk about those things.

okay love you lots, Z (Tara)

Zena said...

Good luck on your apt tomorrow!! I willbe thinking of you...did you pick a option...(((HUGS)))

Love. tara

Eating Alone said...

Wow you sound like a pro at this. I'm only seeing my 2nd. The first one I only saw 4 times and quit. I just kind of let her lead the way. Of course when I first started I could barly talk to her, so .. Good Luck