Monday, February 1, 2010

Dr's office meltdown

I cried in front of Dr. Sean today.


He had just listened to me tell him my symptoms- severe nerve and muscle pain, and nausea. Might I add that today was especially rough, as I woke up this morning at 4:30 am with pain, and had to sip Powerade all morning to make it through without puking. So I finally decided to go see the good Doc, and was now sitting there after recounting my tale of woe, and hoping for a diagnosis, or at least a test of some sort. Something to explain why my body has suddenly turned evil on me. He looks very concerned, and says:

"Well, there are a few things i can give you for that."

And my lower lip starts to quiver. Here come the waterworks.

See, I don't want more meds! I want the problem to be fixed, gone, CURED! I don't want any freaking Motrin! I don't want Reglan for the nausea! I want to treat whatever is causing the nausea and the pain.

That didn't seem to be on the menu for today.

In the end i took the Reglan prescription, and a shot of torridol so I could function today.
As Dr. Sean left the room I sniffed and said "I want to go back to when I was just mentally ill."


Keely said...

Oh man! (hug) You're last line made me smile in a sad way. I wish your pain and nausea would go away. This might just be because I'm reading about this at the moment, but I was reading about homeopathic medicine and how many different cultures believe that the mind can create illness. Not feining illness- but stress, anxiety, depression, etc can PRODUCE illness via hormones and epinephrine that is secreted by the body in response to varying emotional states. I don't mean to go all hippi on you, but maybe some yoga or deep breathing could take the edge off. It was just talking about how Western medicine has a pill for everything, but in other cultures people look toward the mind for the ROOT of the problem, not a quick fix for symptoms.

I'm sorry your having such a rough time. (hug) I would rub your feet if we lived closer. :) Maybe a little relaxation is what you need. I know that here at the College of massage therapy, you can get cheap massages by students on saturdays and sundays. Do they have something like that there? or even those chairs at the mall where they rub your shoulders. Or if your really strapped for cash, do what I do and go into brookstone and sit in those massage chairs and play with the buttons for half an hour. he he he.

I love you. Let me know if there's anything I can do.

Lou Lou said...

how frustrating for you, I totally agree with keely about looking into homeopathic medicine.
I use therapists for mental health
gp for check ups and blood tests and refferalls
and naturopaths for any kind of insomnia, moods, nausea.
sometimes they can help look into alternatives to meds all the time, or things to aide the meds.
hope you feel better soon lisa!
kia kaha

Telstaar said...

Oh my beautiful friend,

*gentle hugs* I feel for you and I understand, I really do. I'm so so sorry. I loved my paediatrician (who i saw until i was 26) and I would walk into her office and just hope and pray she could DO something and walk out often in tears... not because she upset me but beacuse she still hadn't magically fixed me. That dashing of hope is just awful...

Hang in there hunni. I know you don't want the drugs, I know you absolutely don't want to NEED the drugs... but please take them while you can. I will be praying for miracles for you.

Love and hugs and compassion


Lost in Obsession said...

Wow, I am so sorry to hear that you left unsatisfied. This is just totally my own opinion but it sounds to me like you may want to get a 2nd opinion. I don't believe in just taking medication because my Dr. prescribed it. Like I said tho, jmo.

Cammy said...

I'm sorry this is a tough time, Lisa. There is no shame in letting the tears out, we all need to do that sometimes. You WILL get sorted out, don't let yourself question that, I'm just sorry it's taking so long. Major hugs, hope today goes better for you.

Kara said...

I agree, to me being emotionally sick is much easier (perhaps just more familiar?) than being physically sick. Thinking of you...

tania said...

no meltdown is a good meltdown when occuring in dr. office.. Im afraid Im still only mental ill.. and im kinda glad im not physical sick .. just yet, my body has been thru lots but is remaining strong..

Ive always been treated by my family doctor thats homeopathic-ish
theyre really good, its natural, u dont get right away results but is so refreshing not have to have tons of pills in your mouth at once. I owe him a lot... i strongly support the homeopathic thing ^^

pray for u to feel better lisa ^^

Katilexis said...

ah thats so frustrating :(
dont feel embarassed, its healthy to express your feelings like that.
i wish i could give you a big hug, and we could go out and forget about your pain and have fun for the whole day..

thanks for your comment by the way, i really appreciate it.
take care of yourself...

I Hate to Weight said...

i don't think it's embarrassing to cry in front of your doctor. i once wailed so loud and so hard in my gyno's office that she gave me ativan and sent me to a doctor to get me on antidepressants immediatedly.

she looked a little frightened.

it makes sense that you cried. absolute sense.

i'm sorry that you're having such a hard time. i've been through stretches of that too -- where everything hurt and i always felt dizzy and nausea

sometimes, the meds they give for the pain make us dizzy and nauseos.

and i know what it's like when no one can figure out what's wrong.

but i've always come through, even if it takes a long time. the pains seem to right themselves and the nausea and dizziness dissipate.

i hope that happens for you. be well.

Angela E. Lackey said...

I'm so sorry. {{{{HUGS}}}