Wednesday, February 10, 2010

therapy needed

so i had to cancel my thurs appointment last week so I could go to the dentist.
I had appointments mon and yesterday but they were both cancelled because it snowed a ton and my therapist couldn't make it to work. So I was going to have to wait until next week but I don't think i can. I called today and they squeezed me in for tomorrow.

I am really really struggling with some things right now. i got some feedback from a good friend that was really hard to hear and I just cried and cried on my husband's shoulder last night. Today is a little better but I still can't stop thinking about it. I may write about it later but i am just worried that you all might agree with her and I don't think I could deal with that.



Alexandra Rising said...


Im snowed in, too. I hope you write about it, it might help you cleanse your mind.

dietcokefiend2 said...

I'm so glad you reached out and got an appointment squeezed in. Gosh, I wish I had a guy whose shoulder I can cry on... He sounds really supportive, :)

struggling20something said...

It's always tough when you hear something vocalized from a friend that you've been fearing internally is true. I hope therapy tomorrow helps. I've got therapy tomorrow too so I'll say a prayer that it goes well!

Angela E. Lackey said...

Just remember you are a worthy person and deserve help. Also, please think hard about what your friend said - make sure it wasn't something that is coming from issues she might have and then you end up internalizing it. You are a good person and not everything people say is true. Think on it first.


Cammy said...

*So* glad you reached out and were proactive when you knew you needed a boost, instead of just staying passive and waiting for next week. Tons of hugs and support, as always, hang in there.

Katilexis said...

sometimes we have to face our fears that some things are true.
its hard, but it can be a big relief once its over.

Lou Lou said...

I have had all kinds of responses and things said by friends good and bad, but at the end of the day i think it is usually who they are, and their own-things that determine how they think or feel.
im glad you got an appointment for tomorrow, and realised you really were keen to have some.
i hope you talk about it, because we are here for you.

Telstaar said...

*gentle hugs* I'm sorry hunni, I hope that somehow you can be in touch with your therapist very very soon and have a really good appt really really soon. I understand what its like to need therapy and not be able to have it...even to just blurt it all out is so useful.

I will be praying.

*more gentle hugs*

Love Telly xoxo

I Hate to Weight said...

i can't take any kind of feedback. i don't care how well meaning.

i try, try, try to work on this but end up crying on someone's shoulder endlessly.

it's hard to remember that the feedback isn't about me, the person, it's about some behavior.

so hard to remember.

i'm in the middle of unpleasant dental work too. i canceled because of the weather but re-scheduled for monday.

yuck, right?

Lost in Obsession said...

I wish I had something to say, but who the hell am I to give advice to anyone?

Hope u feel better and Fuck all the rest.

bananas said...

I bought my sister a t-shirt for Christmas that said, "Fuck what you heard." Love it. I know it doesn't exactly apply but I just thought I'd share anyway.

And I do hope you'll write about it and I seriously, seriously doubt that anyone's going to agree. They certainly won't attack you! I think you're safe here.