Friday, February 26, 2010

hmm, akward...

Does anyone know how to regulate who is following your blog (other than going private)? As you may have noticed, someone is following my blog who has put up a picture of her ribs under the "followers" section. There is no link to her blog, and I cant find a way to contact her. I don't object to her reading my blog, maybe reading recovery blogs will inspire her to get help. But I DO object to the picture on my blog! It doesn't trigger me too much, but I worry about it triggering others who read this blog. Also, most of her links are pro-ana blogs, and that really bothers me. I know it is all too easy to be sucked into these. I have this problem from time to time. I don't want anyone to find their way to pro-ana sites via my blog, in any way!

Hopefully if she is reading this, she will take the picture off. And I hope that she knows that I just care, don't judge, and hope she gets help.

I know Angela from "Leaving ED" is having a similar situation. I guess she kind of inspired me to deal with this, as it has bothered me for a few weeks.

Ok, so one other thing is worrying me now. Has this blog been mistaken for a pro-ana blog? I am def pro-recovery, with other mental health and family stuff thrown in. I hope it comes across. Please tell me what your impression of my blog is, and please let me know if my blog feeds your ED. I guess at the end of the day it is MY blog and I write in it what I want, but if it is triggering to others I should think about making it private I guess.

Peace and love :)


Maeve said...

If you click on her picture there is an option to send her a message. Maybe you could send her message and explain that while you hope that her following your blog will be helpful you're worried about the implications of her picture.

It's a tough call though. I will try and come up with a better solution, but that's all I have for now.

Good luck!!!

Cammy said...

I have never thought that you come across pro-ED at all. EDs are one of those topics that can attract people from vast ends of the spectrum, and sometimes it can be tough to manage things thusly, to not punish people who are struggling with restricting them from a recovery-oriented blog while still trying to make it a safe place for people in recovery who might still be sensitive to triggers.

I hope your weekend gets off to a good start, take care!

dietcolagirl said...

I would never think this is pro ana... you are so inspiring and so positive thinking :)

struggling20something said...

I've never found your blog triggering, just the opposite. Definitely not pro-ana either. I never even noticed the follower pics till you noticed them if that makes a difference either.

lisalisa said...

maeve- I clicke where it said to send a message, and it said to sign in to "friend connect" so I clicked on that, and then it just asked me to follow my own blog! Obviously I have missed something, plus I am really bad with computers (amazed with myself that I have even been able to get into this whole blog thing). Cause I really did not want to write this post in the first place; I just wanted to contact her privately. But I couldn't figure out how. Urgh I hated writing this post! Just made me feel like a big meanie and a drama queen! But thank you for your feedback everyone so far :)

Eating Alone said...

Nope not pro ana at all. It might be mistaken due to the whole purging thing. Those that read this looking for ana tip's might see it that way. Those of us that have been reading for a long time can see that this is just something you struggle with. We all seem to have the same tendencies and do stuggle and blog about it. You are NOT a pro-ana mia blog!

And you can block the user when you pull them up as a follower. They can still read but will not show on the website I think.

How's baby doing? Gaining back the weight? Getting his hair back?

i love bows:) said...

hey chick
ive read your blog for a while but too shy to comment much!
your blog is yur blog, and you should always stay true to you, and that means writing what you want:)
ive never found your blog triggering, and it certainly doesnt come across as pro ana.
i dont tend to look at the follower pics, if im looking for other blogs to read, i look at blog rolls people post.hopefully she will read your blog post-and know thats there is no judgement, and change pic, or as others say, message her and explain how you can always block her if you feel ypu want to.

thanks for your lovely comment by the way?
hows the rabbit now?
vics xx

brie said...

oh, i've never thought your blog was pro-ana.

Sairs said...

I don't think your blog is pro-ana either at all. When I first started blogging I was looking at these sites because I was still feeding my ED and then one day I typed in "recovery blogs" and all of your lovely blogs popped up and it went from there and even so much as now trying really hard to recover. I don't worry too much about followers pics either. We all know you can't help it when someone follows you. It's okay Lisa, your blog is fantastic :-)

Maeve said...

In my first comment I forgot to mention that your blog is not in the least pro-ana. It is absolutely pro-recovery!!!

Don't fret, you are awesome.

Alexandra Rising said...

You are most certainly not pro-ana in the least [or, I mean, you dont come off that way]. That would bother me, too so I can understand why it rubs you the wrong way.

Not really sure about regulation, but if there was such a thing I'd make my blog public again. Good luck!

Telstaar said...

Hey chick,

I don't think that you come across as pro-ana... because if people thought that, then they'd be confronted with the pain of an ed anyway... so no, I have never taken it as you being pro-ana :(.

Also, with the followers issue etc... No I don't know how to fix that other than going private :(.



Angela E. Lackey said...

Your blog is definitely not only pro-recovery, but also wonderful to read because of you often write about the love and caring your family shares - which helps me so much, and makes me so glad that you have such a great family to support you. There is no way this is pro-ana at all!!!

You also are much nicer than me - I became angry and basically posted on my blog for the person to bugger off. I think my reaction was extreme because my recent relapse was (and still is) so severe, and was triggered in part by pro-ana blogs. My doctor was concerned not only with my physical health, but my mental stability as I became more enmeshed in pro-ana. Just the thought that I might be hurting someone as these types of blogs have hurt me was almost unbearable.

I am a bit calmer now about it. But please please know that your blog is so honest, wonderful and helpful. The person who posted that pic is very ill, just as is the person looking at my blog for tips is too.

I found out because she also is following me on Twitter, and you can block people there, but I'm not going to because I plan to message her with some words to hopefully help her (now that I am no longer angry about it.)

Oh, and the posts about your family are great!