Sunday, February 21, 2010

not a good sign

ok, so the last few times I have purged I have thrown up blood. Not alot of blood, just kind of streaks of it. I did a search on the internet and read that it is not a medical emergency as long as there are not "copious amounts of blood". I see Dr. Sean on thurs so I will tell him about it then.

Guys, I am really worried about this. Every time I throw up I wonder, will this be it? It sucks. I have cut waaay down on the purging but still do it a few times a week. Maybe I am a big wuss, but this is really scaring me.

I guess after doing this for 14 years it is starting to catch up with me.


Eating Alone said...

Just asked my sister, the RN, she said it could be a couple of things. You could have torn your esophogus or you may have developed a bleeding ulcer. With your history its most likely a tear in your throat. And yes if it ruptures it can kill you. Forget about thurs, go to the emergency room now. If you can't then go first thing on Monday.

I'm sorry Lisa, I don't know how else to put it but you have to have someone look at it. How can be so worried about a rabit - yes it's cute- and care so little for yourself? You need to go IP on this. This is your bodies way of saying that there is something really wrong, help me!

Alexandra Rising said...

I'm glad you are scared. It will make it that much easier for you to tell Dr. Sean and for the two of you to take action and figure out what is going wrong.
Clearly your body is trying to tell you 'Enough is enough!' but how it is doing so is a mystery to you.
I hope you figure out the source of the blood and I wish you luck luck luck with cutting back on purging.

Lou Lou said...

I agree with david lisa, sorry to sound pushy, but I really hope you go and get checked out asap. please take care of your health first and foremost. i think you are so strong and brave and such a good mama, we are here for you!
kia kaha, take care of you.
sending big hugs from the kiwi

Cammy said...

*Please* treat this with the gravity that it deserves and get checked out. I know it can be humbling to go in with a problem that directly results from the ED, having to explain and everything, but it's so important to make sure that you get this taken care of.

Imagine if it were Emma or Annie vomiting blood, you wouldn't hesitate to get them treated...and you deserve no less.

Please let us know how it goes. <3

Kara said...

I'll just add my two cents that you need to go to an ER/doctor ASAP - as in before Thursday. Thinking of you and let us know as soon as you get checked out!

Anonymous said...

This really worries me. I second what everyone else above has said - please go get yourself checked out as soon as you can.
If you absolutely refuse to go to the ER, then at least call Dr. Sean in the morning to let him know what is going on --- then he can determine if you need to be seen right away or not.
This is not something to be taken lightly, Lisa. This is your life.
Take care of you! said...

I agree with every single other person. Treat yourself like you would your child. (hugs)

Angela E. Lackey said...

I agree with everyone - you need to get this checked out as soon as possible. Please take care of yourself; you deserve it! Go to the ER - bleeding is serious.