Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Like: Took Baby to the vet today and found out he has gained .3 lbs. That might not seem like alot, it would be the rough equivalent of me putting on 17 lbs in two weeks. So really, he is doing great!

Dislike: Tried to clip his teeth on my own (with the vet's help) and it was an epic fail. Looks like i will have to pay her to do it afterall.

Like: James Blunt! Love him!!!

Dislike: Our computer's disc drive is broken so I cant burn all the lovely James Blunt cd's I got from the library. Boo!

Like: This morning I put away laundry, vacumed, did the dishes, and swept the floor.

Dislike: This morning i had to put away laundry, vacum, do the dishes, and sweep the floor.

Like: I got some valentines chocolate (hersheys miniatures) at 75% off!

Dislike: I will probably end up eating said candy all by myself :(

And I will leave you with something cute:
Annie and I were coming back from running errands and she ran ahead to the door of our apartment. When i got to the door to unlock it, Annie was crouched down on the ground with her arms wrapped around her knees and her head tucked under. I looked down at her and she said "look Mom, i'm a package!". Priceless.


Lou Lou said...

i cant believe how sweet she is. your kids sound like the sweetest little souls.
im going into my 30 day stay soon, so if you don't do another post, take care over the next wee while, i always love your blog and wish you the best!!!! take care.

Lisa and Jim said...

Oohhhhhh Annie is the cutest child EVER.

Kara said...

Um, LOVE this post! (I might have to copy your idea.)

Kara said...

PS - I'm totally with you on the chocolate candy like/dislike thing. Why are things so hard????

Keely said...

That silly little anners. :) A lot cuter than what phoenix said yesterday... I'll have to tell you on the phone... I'll have to check if there's still any good candy left. Usually all Smiths has is those little hearts... Bla.. I'm more of a chocolate person... said...

Aw, so cute! Annie is adorable! And so are you! :)

Tia said...

i hate seeing all that candy discounted after the holidays. i feel compelled to buy it, as if my life would be MISSING SOMETHING if I didn't take advantage of the cheap chocolate. LOL. And about the teeth thing, i had trouble even clipping my guinea pig's TOENAILS, so I admire you for even trying to clip teeth :)