Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday!

For all you Catholic Mardi Gras-going folks, today is Fat Tuesday! I'm not sure what it signifies, but I am pretty sure it is not related to actual physical girth or body image. Still, when I was inpatient at the Center for Change on Fat Tuesday in '05 and I kept going around and wishing everyone a "happy Fat Tuesday! It's Fat Tuesday everybody!", I got reprimanded by Staff. Either they were not Catholic, or they had no sense of humor.

Some people.


Maeve said...

Happy Fat Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday if you want to wish people a happy day without wishing them fat :-) Shrove/Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, aka the start of lent. It earned its name because it's the day you get to eat up all the sweets in your house before giving them up for lent.

For this reason I will eat pancakes for dinner!

*disclaimer* this trivia moment was brought to you by Maeve and her love of breakfast foods for dinner.

Lou Lou said...

happy fat tuesday girl!!!!!!
hope everything is going awesome..
its actually wednesday in nz.
so thats what me and my friend cal midweek wigglies. because we seem to go a bit insane on wednesdays... thats the one i did a recent post about called mr wong.. so you may see she is a bit of a nutter as am I!!!!

Amber Rochelle said...

I thought I'd let you know I've been following your blog, though I don't think I've ever commented. I didn't realize you were a CFC alum (I am as well)...and oh my gosh - I had to laugh at this post as I imagined the look of horror on staff members faces as you wished everyone a happy Fat Tuesday. Too funny!

Katilexis said...

hahahahahahahaha xD

now.is.now said...


dietcolagirl said...

happy fat tuesday!!!
i would totally do that too in IP... you can't NOT make fun of it on an ED ward, right?