Friday, February 19, 2010

re live feed and coffee

Thanks for the feedback on the live feed. Several of you brought up a good point that I didn't think of: the live feed reveals what city you are from. I can see how that might feel like an invasion of privacy for some people. I think it would be better if it just said what user name was visiting the blog.
I think overall that the feed was just too much information for me. On one hand it is fun to see that people visit my blog. But seeing exactly who, when, and for how long was just causing me to obsess.

Now on to something totally different.

I thought i would describe to you all how I get my morning coffee fix. First, a little background. I started drinking coffee as a young adult and have always loved the stuff. But when i was 21 I joined the LDS church and gave up coffee. It was hard, but I believed in what I was doing and was comitted to living by the rules. Well, last year I decided to leave the LDS church (I am still Christian, just going to a different church) and one of the first things i did was start to drink coffee again. At first it was a secret Starbucks run here and there. I never drank coffee around my husband because I was worried about what he would think. When I finally got up the nerve to tell him he was a little disappointed, but not angry or anything. May I just say my husband is a wonderful man and has been extremely loving towards me as I have been on this spiritual journey. Anyways, back to the coffee story.
I started drinking instant coffee at home but couldn't stand it. I desperately want a coffee maker but while Chis is tolerant of me drinking coffee in the house, I don't think he is ready for something permanent and obtrusive as a coffee maker on the kitchen counter. Through all of this, I am trying to be as sensitive to his feelings as he has been to mine.

So this is what i do:
In the morning when I get up I put a pot of water on the stove and heat it up. When it is hot but not boiling I measure coffee grounds and pour them directly into the water. Then I turn the heat down and let the coffee soak in the water for about 5 minutes. Then I strain the coffee into a cup and voila! There are usually still grounds in the cup, but they settle at the bottom and I just dont drink the last bit. I usually make enough coffee for a few cups and heat it up throughout the day.

Yes, this whole proccess is kind of a pain in the butt. But as i sip my coffee in the morning, I feel it is worth it. Maybe someday I will have a coffee maker. Actually I am pretty sure I will at some point. But for now i am greatful just to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in my own home because even a few months ago this was not a possibility. I definately don't take it for granted.

I will say one thing, though. For my birthday I asked for a travel coffee mug, and my husband actually got it for me! I was quite suprised I will tell you! Love does conquer all!


Maeve said...

What about getting a coffee pot like this one:

Would that maybe be okay since it is much less obtrusive than an actual coffee pot? Plus you can legitimately use it for things like herbal tea (although I was never clear on where caffeine free fruity teas fall on LDS rules) or frothing milk. You can also pick up no name brand ones that are much cheaper. They make fabulous coffee too!

Cammy said...

I'm off of caffeine now, but my (decaf) coffee ritual in the morning is still one of the biggest comforting parts of my day. I'm not chemically addicted to it, but behaviorally it's very ingrained, even though it's a bit time consuming in the mornings. I think that having something like that is not so bad, as long as it's not a disordered eating ritual; it makes a little space in the day for you to do something just for you.

lisalisa said...

maeve- In the LDS church you can drink herbal tea or fruity tea, but nothing with actual tea leaves in it (black, green white, earl gray, ect) even if it is caffeine free.
I was thinking about getting a french press but am too broke at the moment.

karo said...

Hey Lisa...regarding the live feed thing. You are way ahead of me, I didn't even know what it was...or is (since I still don't really know). I visit your blog almost everyday just to see what your are up to. I miss you a lot and hope that things are going well. I like to see your good days and bad days, it shows me that you are being honest. I don't comment much, simply because I don't have much to say or I don't have time (which is often the case). I don't even have much time to write on my own blog...lately it has only been about once a month...I need to work on that. Hopefully when I graduate I will have a little more time. We'll see. Anyway, thanks for letting me share this part of you life with you. We need to talk on the phone sometime to catch up. I don't think I even have your new number since you moved. Mine is the same in case you want to call me. karolee

lisalisa said...

yo Karolleeeeeeee! I will message you my number on FB So look for it :)!!!!!!

Kara said...

Very innovative about the coffee! I used to drink coffee before I joined the LDS church at 18 and it was kinda hard to give up. Now I allow myself to eat coffee ice cream and I don't know if that's okay or not, but I'm doing it none the less.

lisalisa said...

kara- the ice cram is such a gray area. My mother in law said a definite "no" to coffee ice cream. But in Salt Lake we went to our friend's house for dinner (who happened to be a member of the bishopric) and they served coffee ice cream. So ya got me on that one.
I hope it was ok to post about this. I know some readers are LDS and I try to be sensitive about that. I still maintain that the LDS people are the kindest, most genuine and christ-like people I have ever met- that is one thing that really drew me to the church :). So I never want to offend any of them. said...

I think it is incredible how respectful and attentive you are towards your husband's feelings and he is towards yours.

I LOVE coffee.

About the live-feed thing... I had no idea it even existed or was an option until I saw your blog...

Maeve said...

Thanks for the explanation re. tea!

You might be able to find a french press at a dollar store, I've seen them at the dollar stores near me. They're just the little 2 cup ones, but they work great!

Also, I am (obviously in light of my earlier question) not LDS, but this post struck me as incredibly respectful.

Keely said...

Why don't you get a coffee press? (like a tea press but for coffee?)

Alexandra Rising said...

Oh my gosh! I have never heard of this 'No Caffeine' rule from a church before! I feel all colors of shocked. I'm glad your husband is able to support your 'habit' ;P
What is the reason exactly? Tell me more about LDS, I love learning about different religions [because I currently do not have one, though I believe in having faith and spirituality]

I, too, was going to suggest French Press. I dont think they are very expensive if you buy them from Starbucks. Im not sure what expensive is for you, though, so I dont want to assume anything.
I like your method, though :)

brie said...

it's funny - i have a live feed on my blog but i look at it, like maybe a couple times a month? never thought of some of your concerns...hmmmm...

husband just found out i drink coffee occasionally. he's being great about it, though. we're both lucky. :)

lisalisa said...

Brie *GASP* I am shocked! U R such a rebel ;)

Alex- it's actually not a ban on caffeine. You can have Mountain Dew, Red Bull, whatever. On the flipside, you CAN NOT have decaffeinated coffee.
The rule is based on a scripture passage from the LDS scriptures called the Doctrine and Covenants, and is usually referred to as the Word of Wisdom. It bans "hot drinks", tobacco products, and alcohol. It also places emphasis on a plant-based diet and eating meat sparingly (although to be honest alot of LDS people I know disregard this part).
I should also note that more conservative LDS will not drink caffeine containing sodas. My husband is more mainstream and loves his Dr Pepper :)

Andi said...

i never understood the no alcohol and meat thing, since Jesus drank alcohol (and even turned water into wine) and he ate meat. If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me! I"m not judging, just offering my viewpoint. i'm Catholic, so those things are okay for us. :)

I don't drink alcohol anyway, but I'm not against it. and I eat meat- i wouldn't get enough protein if i didn't.
And I'm a coffee addict!