Thursday, February 18, 2010

live feed dillema

I added a live traffic feed to my blog today. I'm not really sure i like it. I'm thinking about taking it off. It is just making me paranoid. I see that different people are "arriving" and "departing" and it's kind of fun to see that people are looking at my blog, but I know they are not all commenting and I wonder "do they think my blog is lame?".

I guess I figured that there are more people who look at my blog then just the ones that comment, and that is ok with me. Maybe seeing exactly when and how often and for how long is just too much information.

Do you have live traffic feed on your blog? What are your thoughts about it? Do you like it? And if you blog stalk (which is fine, I totally blog stalk), does it bother you that your coming and going is noted on the feed?


Lou Lou said...

weo weo weo auuuuuuuccckland


(yelling at the rugby)
(yelling on lisas blog)

my treatment got delayed a week.. bloody aaaaaaaaaauuuuccckkklland

im liking live feed!

Katilexis said...

i blog stalk, and it totally bothers me lol.
although, i also like to know if people blog stalk me :P

Amber Rochelle said...

I totally blog stalk! I usually don't leave comments though because half the time I can't think of anything worthwhile to say, and the other half of the time I'm embarassed (for some reason I have yet to figure out). But since the feed shows I was here...hi!!! I haven't used the feed before, but now I'm way curious :)

tania said...

hahaha.. havent tried that. Im the only one from mexicoo!.. wow.. pretty noticable, i guess is time to confess.. im a major stalker :/ hahaha

=) love you! :p

I dunno about getting a feed.. I might consider :p

Kara said...

Ha ha, this is so funny because I've seen these on other blogs but I have had NO IDEA what they were. I didn't know they were tracking who stopped at your blog. This is an interesting concept I'm going to have to contemplate (for me as well as you.) Let me know if you like it.

Sairs said...

I don't have live feed thing either, it would freak me out. I wouldn't blame you for moving it and to be honest, it kind of freaks me out too. I see that people can see where I am and then I go OH NO, I don't want people to know where I am. If you don't want it here, I think you should remove it. Guess it's more my paranoia, lol!

Lou Lou said...

boo i'm back, but you already knew that!! :)

Telstaar said...

Hey hunni! I've just been catching up on posts, sorry I've been a bit absent. I'm really glad that you talked to your friend and everything about what she said :). GO YOU! I agree with you re the ups and the downs, unfortunately its just part of the deal :( but it doesn't mean everything has to be bad or unstable, just that we need to not rush in head first at the first sign of being a bit more "stable".

As for here.... lol, I don't use live feed because I get a bit obsessed watching them and wondering a bit like you are doing. I tend to comment on blogs as much as I can, but sometimes I open the feed and then close it cause I walk away and come back at a later stage. Sometimes I read and come back and comment when I'm more physically able to. Also if its a brand new blog that I'm just checking out, I am less likely to comment until I feel that I want to read the blog continually or at the very least that I am able to comment semi regularly kinda thing. That doesn't mean I don't like all blogs, just that if there are too many its exhausting so I choose carefully. Make sense?

Anyway, hope this helps with some of the thoughts and feelings!

Thinking of you lots lovely. Hang in there.

*hugs* xoxo

Maeve said...

Personally I'm not a fan of live feed. I keep my blog really vague because I am super private about my e.d. and I'm scared about my in person world and blog world's colliding. I do realize that this secrecy is not healthy, but for a number of reasons I cannot shake it no matter how hard I try. Therefore I am not a fan of live feed since it reveals my location, something I haven't been willing to do on my own blog.

I hope that doesn't sound bitchy, because I can absolutely see the appeal. I would install it on my blog in a second if i wasn't so paranoid about being on someone else's!!!

Eating Alone said...

I pretend most of the time that no one is reading my blog. It helps me to write out what I need to. Then I figure that I'll never meet any of you guy's anyway - not that I wouldn't want to just that I don't leave my house that often - so that helps. Seeing where you all were from would be scary for me. But kind of cool.