Monday, February 22, 2010

ok, I called

I called Dr. Sean's nurse but she was busy so I am waiting for her to call me back. I feel really dumb though. I'm sure they will just tell me to come in thurs, then after they hang up just roll their eyes and think "silly girl, just wants attention".

Actually, the first time I threw up blood, a few weeks ago, I was really freaked out and i called the nurse right away but she didn't seem very concerned about it and just told me to tell the doctor about it at my next scheduled appointment. So I felt pretty stupid.

What Cammy said was right. It is REALLY humbling to ask for help because of something you essentially did to yourself. It sucks.

I will post a comment after I hear back from the nurse :)


Maeve said...

Whether you see the doctor on Thursday or earlier, I hope that he is able to say and do something that is helpful for you.

Just because this is the result of purging does not mean it is not a serious concern that deserves whatever attention and treatment they can give you.

I hope you can get somewhere soon, because throwing up blood sounds pretty scary. Good luck!!!

Eating Alone said...

Umm if they do that then you need to find another doctor. This is a very serious thing and could potentially kill you. They should not take it lightly.

Keely said...

That's so dumb. Even if it's not a big deal, they shouldn't just blow you off, but reassure you that everything is okay. (hug)

lisalisa said...

so I called and I was right, they dont want to see me until thurs. But then a little bit ago I started pooping blood. So I just called back and they want me to come in in an hour. Someone is on their way to stay with me. I feel really sick and weak. Please wish me luck and pray for me.

Cammy said...

Wow Lisa, so glad you reached out, PLEASE let us know how you're doing, will definitely be thinking of you.

Alexandra Rising said...

Well wishes <3

i love bows:) said...

im new to your blog, but this totally rings true with me. I have been throwing up blood after purging for a long time now, and i was dismissed as just attention seeking numerous times. Anyways, turned out id done some pretty bad damage to mysef-not trying to freak you out, and what i have dome will heal in time-but you have to find a doc who takes you seriously. They might decide its just a tiny tear in stmach lining that will heal up in time, or if it happens lots, they should offer you an endoscopy-which isnt as awful as it sounds.
any questions, leave me a comment, im happy to share
and please try not to worry too much
im sure it will be ok:)

Lou Lou said...

im praying for you!!! lisa sending you all the good vibes and happy feelings i can