Tuesday, June 9, 2009

a bowl of cherries

1. I'm greatful for phones/technology that let me talk to Emma when she is so far away.
2.I'm greatful for preschol storry time at the public library.
3.I'm greatful that my car is running.
4.I'm greatful for my mother-in-law who does my laundry and watches my kids so I can go to appointments.
5.I'm greatful for my husband who works so hard so we can have a better life.
6.I'm greatful for the surgeon who got all of my mom's tumor out.
7.I'm greatful for my facebook and blogger friends who support me every day.
8.I'm greatful to get delicous produce even when it is out of season (though i know this is environmentally irresponsible).
9.I'm greatful for Target Superstores
10.I'm greatful for naptime.
11.I'm greatful for the progress I have made in recovery. Even though I'm not "better", I'm alot better than I was!
12.I'm greatful for sunny days.
13.I'm greatful for good movies.
14.I'm greatful for my Crock-pot.
15.I'm greatful for diet soda.
16.I'm greatful for modern medicine, antideppressants in particular.
17.I'm greatful for religious freedom.
18.I'm greatful to see, hear, smell, walk, and be otherwise free of serious physical handips.

My life is good. I need to remember that.


now.is.now said...

I love this post! I might do the same thing sometime soon. (hugs!)

Keely said...

I'm greatful for you Lisa. :) Thank you so much for sharing. I have a lot to be thankful for in my own life. It's always nice to have a gentle reminder of all the good in our lives. (hug)

Kara said...

LOVE the post. It made me realize that I need to be more grateful. I always look at the bad, not the good. Thanks for the reminder to be positive and grateful.

Lisa said...

What a lovely post.

And OMG OMG is that a Fiesta bowl? My mother collects Fiesta and has passed the obsession on to me.