Saturday, June 27, 2009

new shades, old scale

I am ALWAYS losing my sunglasses! Especially at my mother-in-law's house! That place is like a black hole for sunglasses. And I cant be without a pair of shades- due to my meds I am very sensitive to the sunlight and am practically blind without them. So, in the intrest of occular health, I stocked up at Claire's (they were 2 for $12, what a deal). Shown above are my "classy" pair.
And these are my "casual" pair. So with these 2 new pairs, and the ones I left at my mom-in-laws yesterday, I shoould hopefully never find myself without again.
The next picture is my old scale. Instead of pitching it, I decided to have some fun and do somethiing artsy and craftsy. I cut out little pictures of things that made me happy and modge podged them onto the front.

Then i painted over the numbers and put some little inspirational sayings over them. I also added some rhinestones.

Unfortunately I have been keeping the scale in my trunk cause i don't have any place for it, and it has gotten kind of beaten up. There used to be flowers and leaves glued to the four corners but they have mostly fallen off.
It still makes me smile when i look at it. I'm not sure what to do with it, though. I don't really have a good place to keep it. Any ideas?
Oh yes, and I am kicking ED ass today! Woot!


Zena said...

ohhh yeah I am first to post!!! first let me say I LOOOOOOOVVVEEEE the scale...let me share a bit of humur I have occured over my years in T. "what control does a scale have over you? It is just a piece of metal with dials and moving parts, like a toaster or an iron, you wouldnt wake up one day and say "hey toaster..what am I worth today?" dont give that kinda power to a are my dear mush more then a # you are LISA!!! a strong ass kicking Ed beating hell of a mother girl!!!

keep Rocking Recovery cause you are so worth it! when does the little one return???

Love, Z said...

HAHA, "Hey, Toaster, what am I worth today?" Good perspective, Zena!

Lisa, I LOVE (times infinity) the scale! It makes me want to make a collage. SERIOUSLY, YOUR SCALE PROJECT IS AWESOME!

Oh, and - please - start using the "evolved me" concept! It's super helpful. First you have to think about what the most evolved version of you would be like. How would they be the same? How would they be similar? How would she be different? How would she think? How would she handle difficult situations? Etc.

PTC said...

that's awesome! I love your scale. Rockin!

Cammy said...

I LOVE the idea of "refurbishing" the scale for healthier purposes. Awesome!

Keely said...

Yay!!! I love it!

Gaining Back My Life said...

One day in front of the other is all it takes - never underestimate the power of 24 hours!