Friday, June 5, 2009

retail therapy

Help! I am, as my father-in-law would say, "in the debtor's prison"! He he! I love saying that and use that little phrase ever since the first time i heard him say it. The funny thing is, when my father-in-law says it, he's serious! One day, he just called us out of the blue to ask us if we were "in the debtor's prison". Sheesh!
Anyway, back to my transgressions. First up: neccessary $25 haircut turned unneccessary $80 highlights. But i love it! I know in the picture I look mad but i'm really not; i'm extremely happy because for once i feel beautiful. So to me it was totally worth it.
Next up was a trip to Younkers to take back a pair of totally impractical shoes. See, I was trying to be good. Buut I had it in the back of my mind that I "needed" this body glitter brush thingy from victoria's secret, that if i could just have it i would be young and sexy again and all of my dreams would come true; plus i had a $10 off card, so i popped into Vicky's for a second. Well, they were running a beauty promo: buy so much stuff and get this cute little bag full of free stuff. So of course i had to spend a little more. And put it all on my VS card. Debtor's Prison, here i come!
But the makeup i got was so cute; liquid gold eyeliner and gold eyeshadow (please refer to photo at top of post; I couldn't figure out how to drag it down)! I needed something to get me excited for summmer. I know, i shouldn't focus on the outside so much, but when i feel like i look beautiful, the world just seems like a better place.
Even from behind"prison bars".


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the highlights ... they look great! and personally i LOVE glittery make-up ... my friends always laugh at me for wearing glitter, but i don't care. it's the little girl in me coming out :)
that said, i fully support your purchases today!

brie said...

"debtor's prison..." ahaha sounds like something MY father-in-law would say too!

Keely said...

I think it was worth it. :) The highlights look awesome. You need to pamper yourself sometimes. Plus you did get a great deal on all that VS stuff. You are the best deal finder I know. (I am remembering shopping with you at albertson' and your coupons.)

Kara said...

1. Retail therapy is a MUST. I just had some retail therapy on - yay for new things!

2. I LOVE your hair!!!

3. Is that Love Spell by VS? It's my favorite scent!

lisalisa said...

kara- yep it's "love spell", got it free in the beauty bonus. I like it; it's fruity!
Keely- i miss albertsons! Remember that one time i used all those coupons and at the checkout they actually owed me money? Grocery stores here in iowa kind of suck. I miss Utah! Sigh....