Saturday, July 4, 2009


Ok so obviously I was overreacting. World War III has not broken out overnight (but north Korea did fire six ballistic missiles this morning) and there is no reason Emma shouldn't make it home safely this evening. Still, I am a little nervous and have been trying to stay busy this morning to keep my mind off things. First, I slept really late (and had a dream that I was bleeding to death from my rectum, ewww). Then I took Annie for a stroll in the rain with our umbrellas. She got a new Tinkerbell umbrella for her birthday and wanted to try it out. Then we came back home and played like a gazillion rounds of "dont break the ice", followed by some "don't spill the beans". Then we put on some music and Annie put on a dress up dress and we danced for a little bit. After that, I blew up some baloons and we played that game where you try to keep the baloons in the air, which was lots of fun. Now I am running out of steam; it has been quite the busy morning around here. All fun stuff, though.

Sucks that it is raining; we were going to have a BBQ today. Well, hopefully it will clear up.
Happy 4th of July everyone!

3 comments: said...

UM... CAN YOU SAY FUNNEST MOM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you come over to my house and play dress up and dance next? That sounds fun! ;)

Sounds like you're taking care of yourself and being a wonderful mom while at it! YOU ROCK!

I just wrote a really intense, anal post and am in a "be productive 100% of the time" mindset. This post reminded me to have fun and smile too. Thanks!

lisalisa said...

yeah, I am productive about 2% of the time....:) said...

Haha! That's okay. As you reminded me, in a very real way, being "unproductive" is "productive" towards something (even if that "something" is fun or relaxation or whatever.)