Wednesday, July 15, 2009

visit to grandma (and the psychiatrist)

Well I am feeling a little better about things today. I called Servicemaster and scheduled a complete duct and furnace cleaning for the new place to get rid of cat dander. It's going to be $300! Now i wish I hadn't done that trip last weekend but it can't be helped now.
I talked to the new landlords for awhile and they really are nice people. I guess they have to have strict rules or people would be saying all kinds of things to get out of a lease. They ARE going to put in new drapes and of course have the carpets cleaned. So well just see how it goes.

I took the girls to my mom's today. Incidently my mom has a cat, and Annie was playing with it and only got one hive and no itching or runny nose. And we were there for several hours. So I am feeling a little more hopeful that once our new place is sufficiently cleaned and de-catified she will be ok. Anyway, we had a really nice visit with my mom. She is starting radiation for her cancer on friday and is otherwise doing ok.

I saw my psychiatrist tonight and he raised my risperidone and Pristiq. He was also talking about adding Depakote but I nixed that one cause it can cause MAJOR weight gain! Plus I am already on seroquel, which causes weight gain. So, given that my risperidone was raised twice in the last 2 months, and i take it at night along with trazodone and seroquel, I think the fact that I get up in the morning is a major accomplishment. I think we are trying to kill my anxiety by brute force or something.

Things with Chris are a little strained right now. I pretty much feel like I have been dealing with the "Annie allergy crisis" on my own. He gave me the usual "it'll be ok. We'll figure it out" followed by lack of action. There are some other things going on but I don't really want to talk about it on this blog. All I can say is, stress! Please pass the atypical antipsychotics!

Overall I am feeling a little better. Oh, is it just me or is TV getting stupider? ABC's new reality show is called "dating in the dark" and that's all it is! They throw 2 people in a dark room and let them get to know eachother. Riiiggghhht. Oh, and don't get me started on "More to Love".

2 comments: said...

oh good, I'm glad you got it straightened out! $300 is worse than $0 but better than an entire new deposit and worth the effort saved by not having to find a new place.

I can't believe about that TV show! I don't have TV so I never know what's on but that is the dumbest sounding show ever!

Glad you had a nice visit with your mom. Hopefully you'll get some quality communication/bonding time with Chris soon to unstrain things.

Zena said...

Hey pretty pretty princess,
I am thrilled to bit s that you got the "annie allergy crisis" under control, I was a little worried there for a while, like I know about allergies casue Z man has really bad asthma and cats are one of his triggers..yucko...sad for him, he loves the little boogers, anyway sorry the hubster is being so slack, he looks like teh laid back type of guy perhaps just perhaps thats why you married Hes laid back and ( no insult to you) your a little high strung...but thats why we love you!!

I am so relieved that prick land lord is not so prickish after all, but do you mind if i still call him that cause i think its fun:)

Love you sweets,