Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thanks so much to everyone for all the support on my last post! It really helped me feel better and less like a crappy mom! Even my friend Sylvia who reads this blog but can't comment (i think because she doesn't have a blog of her own but she should get one hint hint) sent me a lovely message on FB that made me feel tons better. I love all of you and am so greatful for your friendship!
As planned, Emma and I went to Backbone today. But instead of the 90 degree day we were promised, it was freezing! I dont even think it made it up to 70! So much for global warming. Emma was brave and got in the creek, and i waded. The water is spring-fed and cooooold! We picnicked on our favorite sandbar (I posted pics of me and chris and me and annie on it awhile back). We explored up and down the creek, and found dozens of these little toads that were no bigger than flies. They were seriously the cutest things I have ever seen!

I really wish I had brought the camera cause we rented a paddle boat which was a blast and wish I had pictures to put up of it. Emma was so excited, it was her first time on a boat. And I think my legs got quite a workout paddling that thing around the lake.

It was nice to have some one on one time with Emma. She wasn't nearly as hyper today, and even when she was it didn't get on my nerves as bad, because we were outside and there was lots of room. Even this evening when we were at home she seemed to do better I think it must be hard for her, to go back and forth all the time and have two homes and parents with two different sets of rules. I need to remember that and cut her some slack.

Tomorrow I am taking the girls to my mom-in-laws so I can do the grocery shopping and cleaning ALONE (and lets be honest-spend some uninterrupted time on the internet). Then I will pick them up and when chris gets off at 1:30 we will be off to the Wasserbahn! I haven't told the girls yet so it will be a suprise. I will take lots of pictures so I will be able to share some when I get back. For some reason my blog only lets me post 5 pictures at a time. Is that normmal?

Have a great weekend everybody!


Keely said...

Yea, my blog only lets me post five at a time. But after you post them you can re-click the "add pictures" icon and add more- just in increments of five. :)

Yay! You're day sounds fun! I am glad your feeling better. (hug) I am excited for your trip!

PTC said...

Hey! Have fun at Wasserbahn, or whatever that word was. ;)

Sounds like you had a really fun day yesterday, minus it being 2 degrees out. My dad always makes fun of the global warming thing, he thinks it's a crock, so I laughed when you said that.

I hope you have a good weekend!

Zena said...

Have a great weekend!!!..and so glad you and emma had a good time yesterday despite the weather...spend one on one time with your child always rocks they never seem to act the same( in a good way) when they are alone. Good luck on the weekend!!!!

Love, Z