Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekend trip pictures

I just wanted to share some pics of out weekend getaway. Above, Annie is kissing Emma in a booth at MaidRite, where we ate dinner friday night. It was really cute, although Emma did not seem to enjoy it!

There was a really cool wooden playground at the hotel, you know, one of those ones that looks like a castle. Here's me and Emma (and my huge gut) taking a swing!

Here's Emma in front of the store at Little Amana. The Amana Colonies are these historic villiages that used to be communes. They were founded by some settlers from Germany and are very quaint. Today they are mostly antiques and specialty stores and german restraunts. Oh, guess what? I finally found a donut cutter, it was in this cute store called the Painted Cupboard.

Here is part of the indoor water park that was at the hotel we stayed at in Little Amana. I got whiplash on one of the waterslides-it was so fast! Well, I haven't been to the doctor so I don't KNOW it is whiplash, but the slide jerked my neck back really hard and now it is really sore and hurts to move it. Maybe I should sue. I'll OWN that hotel!!!

Here's us playing in the pool. La-de-da. I decided not to torture you with any full body shots of me in my tankini. Of course if you are my friend on FB you will probably see them there. If you are not my friend on FB you should be :)

Oh, this was really fun! In Main Amana there is this chocolate shop where, for a couple of bucks, they will give your kid a mini-lesson on dipping chocolate and then let them dip some of their own!

Here's annie and Chris watching Emma dip her chocolate.

Here's Emma dipping...

...and putting on the finishing touches!

This is Annie enjoying her chocolate. I think this was my favorite part of the trip, watching my girls do something fun and hands-on!
Well, that was my trip. I'm thinking it's a good thing slide projectors are out of date. I have a feeling I would be one of those people who would bore people to death showing them slide after slide of my kids and our vacations and stuff. Hope this wasn't too painful for anyone. I had a pretty good time and even though we spent kind of alot of money (eek) this weekend I have to say it was worth it!


Zena said...

Awwwwww....this was just as good as maisys toilet! In meaning they both made me smile. You are such a great family,I wish I knew you in RT. you are such a great mom, I hope you know and realize that. That although sometimes its a struggle motherhood is totally worth it!! YOu deserve the best and so does your family, so it cost are worth cards can be paid later, life is priceless!!!

love, Z

Kara said...

Great pics!!!

sarah said...

sounds like a really great trip! so glad you had fun with your family!!!!

great pics!

Keely said...

yay! I love the pics! The girls look so cute! i loved the pic with you and emma swinging! (I don't see any guts anywhere you silly sue...) It looks like you guys had a fun trip! Maybe I can save up for a trip down there. i miss you guys!