Saturday, July 18, 2009

things are looking up

I'm back to feeling better about recovery (and its about time! Holy moley!). I didn't purge all day yesterday! I thought that after having a burger and fries for lunch that I would just not eat the rest of the day to make up for it, but when dinnertime rolled around I was hungry, so I ate a reasonable amount and didn't restrict. Today when i woke up I knew I didn't want to go back on shakes and that I could "do" regular food. I think as long as I can handle regular food I should keep at it.

We had my neighbors over this morning for home made donuts and fruit. Alas, the donut maker that I just bought didn't work with the batter recipie on the side of it's box! It was supposed to drop little rings into the fryer but the batter was so thick it wouldn't come out! I was bent, but just ended up making donut holes and they tasted great.

I think i might just marry my fryer. Seriously. It's just about the funnest, most awesomest thing about my recovery right now! I can't believe that i'm someone who eats fried food and is so comfortable with it in fact that she fries it herself! How cool is that?

My body image is better today, too. Maybe I was retaining water or something. i'm just glad because for a little bit there i was starting to plan to restrict and lose weight. I'm glad i didn't go through with that. I would have just ended up further behind in my recovery. I wonder if my increased meds are starting to work. Because I really do feel different. Like, an increased sense of well-being or something corny like that :).

5 comments: said...

life really is hills and valleys isn't it? And when you're in a valley it takes a lot of faith to know a hill is coming. ok, i'm sick of my hill and valley metaphor but you know what I mean.

Water retention sucks. I know what you mean. Funny how body image shifts so drastically the way it does. ACtually, not funny at all - totally annoying.

Glad things are feeling better.

I think it's great that you're being honest with yourself about if you can or can't handle real food at the moment and going with it when you can.

I love cooking appliances! Glad you like the fryer :) Sounds like a fun morning with the neighbors.

Zena said...

Im bloated now too..I think iam getting my least I hope other wise i am just wait a wise freind told me its not fat its HEALTHY!!!:)

I am so glad you are feeling knwo its gotta happen sooner or later you just need to hold on tight...sometimes so tight your knuckels turn white but it passes and you know you are on the right path.

The path to health, nuturing and well being....i amso glad you didnt deciede to lose wieght and that you let it pass...think of the hole you would have had to dig out glad you didnt need my help with the shovel:)

love, Z

PTC said...

All i have to say is...YAY!!!! :)

Lisa said...

I am really, really glad to read that you're doing better.

Also the pics from the heartland place were hilarious! The butterfly pic is too cute.

Anonymous said...

Progress is progress, no matter how small the signs.
Best of luck on recovery!