Friday, July 3, 2009


oh my gosh I am freaking out! I was just watching the news and they said there is some danger of north korea nuking hawaii this weekend or some crazy crap like that! And all I can think of is Emma is flying home this weekend and I know it is a completely different part of the world but what if something happens and all planes get grounded CRAP CRAP CRAAAAAAP! I know I am catastrophising and it could all be nothing but if there is going to be some kind of crazy war I want Emma home! I just want her HOOOOME! Why did I let her GOOOOO!
I need a XANAX RIGHT NOW too bad I don't have any should I take extra seroquel tonight or just use my so-called skills- I don't know I am shaking the only thing keeping me together is writing in this blog I feel like I want to puke not in an ED way just feel sick.
OK OK hopefully everything will be ok Emma's flight leaves at 7:40 their time I think that is about 12:40 am this morning(tonight) our time so she will hopefully be in the air she gets into frankfrt germany at 2:15 our time sat then flies out for chicago 5:45 am. Ok so now that I have looked at this logically, she will likely be in the air before anything happens, IF it happens. Ok, feeling slightly better. Must remember that me freaking out will not change any of this. I will certainly be praying tonight...anyone else who prays please pray that my Emma gets home safe tomorrow. And pray for this crazy world we are living in, it just seems to be getting worse and worse...and why am I watching a news story about " binkini fireworks" when there is so much more important news going on? GEEEZ!


Keely said...

Take a deep breath! (hug) She is getting on the plane right now. Think about all the planes that have flown. Millions! Only maybe 0.0001% have crashed. She is going to be just fine. Hug annie and watch a movie. TV is distracting. Maybe try to read your favorite book? Do something to get you up and out of your mind for a while. said...

Keely's right.

She's already in the air, on her way home, excited to see you.

You'll see her so soon. She'll be here before you know it.

Take Keely's advive - go distract yourself.

It'll all be okay.