Friday, July 10, 2009

Maisey's toilet

k, so I am just waiting for Chris to get home so we can hit the road and i thought I would post something really quick.

The other day when we were at the library i got Annie a Maisey Mouse CD ROM game. So last night we put it in and played it. In the game, you can go to each room in Maisey's house and click on things and they do stuff when you click on them. So we went into Maisey's bathroom and Chris clicked on the toilet and it flushed and Annie started laughing histariclly! She just went nuts! So chris flushed the toilet again and Annie burst out laughing again. So he just kept flushing it over and over and bolth the girls were laughing and even chris and i were smiling cause the girls were so funny. Seriously, Annie was laughing so hard she was crying; tears and all! Over a toilet! I think we flushed that toilet for like 10 minutes straight!

We are a very sophisticated family.

3 comments: said...

HAHA! That sounds hilarious!!!!! Good to have that moment recorded. (I'm still not easily and regularly on the internet because the internet is in apt 2 and I'm still sleeping in apt 1)

Keely said...

ha ha! I used to laugh my head off at "merry poppins" when they are bouncing off the ceiling and singing the "We love to laugh" song. Especially when he describes the different kinds of laughs.

Zena said...

You are a indeed a very sophisticated kiddos and I laugh at all fart jokes, its fine by me as long as we all laugh. Hope your trip goes well and you have a blast. Maybe flush a toilet or two :)

Love, Z